Thursday, September 1, 2011

By Holly Thomas

No surgery: Shane Warne, pictured at an England vs Sri Lanka test match in June, says he still has 'a few wrinkles'

Shane Warne has finally spoken out about claims that he has undergone plastic surgery to maintain his astonishingly youthful looks.

In a candid new radio interview, he has denied going under the surgeon's knife, and instead credits his new lease of life to being in love and healthier habits.

The star bowler also refused to confirm or deny rumours of an engagement to Liz Hurley.

Talking openly on 3AW's breakfast show today, Shane stressed that he had never even contacted a plastic surgeon.

'I've got some wrinkles,' Shane admitted, but emphasised: 'I have never even had a consultation with a plastic surgeon.'

Shane even indicated that the media have manipulated images of his face to promote the idea that he's had work done

'I don't think it's right or fair to the public to portray me as a person with no wrinkles,' he said.

'I've got some legal advice on that at the moment. Some pictures have been doctored. That's illegal in this country.'

No longer a beer and pie guy: Chatting on 3AW radio this morning Shane insisted he just cut out the junk to keep pace with younger players

'I haven't changed one bit,' the 42 year old insisted.

Warne said that he has adopted a more moderate lifestyle as a way of keeping up with younger players. His weight loss started when he began a new TV show in Australia last October.

'I'm no longer the 30-year-old bloke who used to sit in the changing room and have beer and pies. I still do that but I'm 42 and maturing now. I still like my beans in the morning. Or my spaghetti on toast,' Shane said.

'I'm around 78 kilos at the moment. I'm running. I'm fit, I'm strong. I was around 92kg when I was playing.

False impression: Shane believes that some media outlets have doctored images of his face

He added: 'I actually wanted to get fit. I got into it and I really started to enjoy it so I have kept going.'

Shane addressed the widely held belief that his relationship with model Elizabeth Hurley was the reason behind his health kick: 'I think Liz is annoyed about reports she's the person who's changed me.'

'Elizabeth Hurley hasn't got her high heels in the middle of my back saying, "You must do 100 push ups" and, "You can't do that". It's absolute rubbish.

'Suddenly people see you with Elizabeth Hurley and they see you mixing with some of her friends and they think, "Where's this Aussie guy who had a pie and beer in his hand gone?"'

Big change: The bowler, pictured left leaving Liz Hurley's house a fortnight ago and right in February 2010, started to lose weight last October

'I'm the fittest I have ever been, I'm the happiest I have ever been. I'm healthy, what's the crime here?'

Nevertheless he admitted to some remaining vices. 'I still eat pizzas, I still have a pie and a beer, but it's all in moderation,' Shane confessed.

When the conversation turned to more romantic matters, Shane was less forthcoming, and refused to say whether he had proposed.

'If I had some sort of news about that I'd be happy to share it with you,' he said.

When interviewer Neil Mitchell persisted, a smiling Warne replied: 'As I said Neil, if there is any news, I will let you know.'

Keeping quiet: Though he was firm in denying that partner Elizabeth Hurley had influenced his weight loss, Shane refused to confirm engagement rumours

Asked if he was in love, he replied: "Yes I am.

'Being in love with someone is a wonderful feeling and I am at the moment. 'I think that gives off a radiant glow too, you know.'

He continued, 'I was lucky to meet Elizabeth, we've met, we're having a great time and I am in love with her. We're going really well, it's easy with each other.'

'It's a bit interesting. It's different at times, in her world. But she likes my world. Together, we make a pretty good partnership.'

'It's nice that the people out there think that we make a good couple and they're happy for us. She's a lovely lady. The kids are accepting of her.'

Perfect match: Shane says that that being in love with Elizabeth is 'wonderful'


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