Thursday, September 1, 2011


Short but not so sweet: Pixie Lott struggled to contain her modesty in her short dress as she used a Boris bike in London yesterday

Her signature style is short and sweet but Pixie Lott probably should have adapted her look earlier today.

And as the singer took to a Boris bike around the capital her short dress proved problematic on the pedals.

Pixie, 20, was dressed in a short black dress with a white collar for the bike ride with her boyfriend Oliver Cheshire.

Suffering for fashion: The 20-year-old singer was seen trying to pull her skirt down as he blew up as she biked around

The singer teamed her dress with a pair of grey socks and black brogue shoes but struggled to conceal her modesty as she rode around London.

She had a Louis Vuitton bag slung across her shoulder and donned a pair of sunglasses for the ride.

And she certainly seemed to pick up some pace as she raced around with her bobbed blond locks being blown back in the wind.

Couple of cyclists: Pixie was joined by her boyfriend Oliver Cheshire on the ride around London

At one point Pixie even appeared to be trying to ride side saddle as she positioned her leg across the bike.

The blonde singer and her boyfriend, who did not suffer the same problems in his chinos, were both showing off impressive tans.

On Wednesday night Pixie attended the WellChild Awards held at the Inter-Continental Hotel in London.

Side saddle: It appeared that Pixie was trying to ride with her leg across the bike as the pair sped along

As she took to the red carpet alongside the likes of Prince Harry the singer once again sported her signature style in a short navy and blue print dress.

Pixie is gearing up for the release of her latest single All About Tonight.

And to celebrate the single Pixie is inviting her fans to join her in a midnight webchat.

Speaking to her fans in a video she said: 'All About Tonight is released on iTunes this Saturday and to celebrate its release, I'm going to do a live webchat from my actual flat at midnight, so I'd love for all of you to get involved.

Midnight chat: Pixie, who attended the Wellchild Awards on Wednesday night, has invited her fans to join her in a live webchat to launch her new single All About Tonight on Saturday

'I'm really excited and it's going to be amazing. I know it's a bit of a late one so I will make sure that we post the webchat online so you can see what happened. But hopefully all of you kids will stay up and join in with the celebration of the single launch, and we can have lots of fun at midnight - have a little midnight feast. I'm really excited.'

source: dailymail

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