Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Decided to finally do a clothes post before I do my make-up post. Actually, I don't know much about fashion, what's trending now or what is going to trend. I just like the pretty stuff. *shrugs*

Stuff from VS that I'm planning to get because I *love* the stuff there! Bombshell Summer is the tagline, but I think they have bombshell summers every year. :)

3/$30 Panties
Body By Victoria Supersoft Hiphugger

Angels by Victoria Lace trim Bikini

Body by Victoria Lace Hiphugger

Love Pink Panties 5/$25.50

I'm loving the cut of the cotton curved hem hipster, but I'm going to get it in Aloha Purple and Come Visit Soon instead. :D

Aloha Pink & Come Visit Soon cotton curved hem hipsters.

Love the ruched front hipster range also. Can mix and match as long as it is part of the 5/$25 campaign. This one is blue wild tiger. Rawr!

Hearts on Coral and Vacation Doodle. So sweet, especialy the hearts on coral. Feels so Katy Perry-ish. :D

The perfect pink hipster in Tropical Sunset... I just love the lace waistband. Very comfortable, yet with a touch of sexiness. :)

But the perfect pink hipster doesn't come in a lot of designs that I like, so I'm just going to get one more : Gorgeous in Green. So bright, the colors!
Ruched front bikini --- I like the ruched front, because it's a cute little design that makes the panty look that much cuter. Hahaha... maybe I'm just a little TOO particular. :P This one is in orange dot.

Cherries on orange & Strawberries. Getting a little fruity!

Probably not going to be buying much, but just thought that I'll share this design. It is so freaking cute! It's called the lace apron babydoll and it costs $48. *gulp*

The bustle back babydoll in wild strawberry is also sweet & sexy. $38.99 only!

But honestly, my style is more subdued and ... practical? I prefer cami sets and cotton babydolls, if not shirts and shorts. :) The above two are very good for one-off seductions I suppose, but I like something more comfortable to dream in.

The Lacie Cami Panty Set - $27.99

Chiffon & Lace Babydoll - $29.50

Erm... ok I think I talked too long about the innerwear & sleepwear and I haven't even begun to show the bombshell clothes I have been lusting over. Over & Out... tomorrow's a Sunday but I have got to go to work! Dang!

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