Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Girls Underwear styles- read in detail

Shopping for women's underwear is not as hard to buy a bra. Most choices are generally based on the preferences and what is most convenient for you. The most comfortable piece, what materials are most comfortable in your skin, as well as existing design style.


Is the type of underwear the most common and most fun to wear, because she had covered all parts of the buttocks to the front, and stitch right in the folds of the thighs or higher. There is now a brief piece that covers the abdomen to control the stomach.


Hipsters are quite similar to briefs. The only difference between hipsters and the later, is that they are worn lower around the hips. The very name derives from the quality of these panties to “hug the hips”.


Tanga underwear are minimal to medium in shape. This can vary from brand to brand. They cover both the front and the back with triangular pieces of cloth connected together by a narrow elastic waistband. While traditionally worn by natives in Amazon, these interestingly designed style is making quite a comeback, courtesy brands like Victoria’s Secret.



In the early 1990s, panties thong type began to appear. The reason, in these pants to minimize the sidelines of underwear at the bottom of the buttocks visible on the outside of pants or skirts that are worn. Generally, in the back of the pants thong, there's only link that connects a piece of cloth between the rubber on the back of the underwear with the front of the underwear. Women who wear a thong claim to feel comfortable wearing a thong, because they know, the line of underwear will not be visible outside. Since only cover a few of the buttocks, underwear this will help your butt look better, rubber edge line of underwear do not exist to make the "lumps" of meat.

Offers a similar concept with Briefs, but do not close the brief full buttocks.
G-string similar to a thong, it's just that the connector is not a piece of cloth, but only a thin line. The waist, were generally made of rubber or thin rope. The front of her panties still form a triangle, and barely covered the buttocks at all.
Seamless underwear

Pants in this use spandex material to keep her panties did not "go anywhere", and very thin, the shape can be Briefs, but the margin is very thin seams, sometimes even nothing, to reduce the "appearance" line of underwear on the outside pants or skirts.

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